Porous paving technology
Grasspave2 turf paving

Grasspave2 environmentally friendly, porous paving technology.

Grasspave2 is an exciting 'invisible' permeable porous paving technology that combines sound structural engineering and proven horticultural methods to allow living turf grasses to be used as traffic bearing surfaces.

Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene, Grasspave2 comprises a specifically engineered porous base supporting a fully interlocked flexible matrix. Soil aeration is maintained and root compaction is eliminated, allowing continuous healthy turf under traffic.

The high percolation rate of the Grasspave2 system reduces storm water runoff while promoting ground water recharge.

Grasspave2 supports loads from foot traffic to heavy construction vehicles, fire trucks and maintenance vehicles while being light weight for fast low cost installation.

Permanently grassed, free-draining car parks and access tracks are now possible.

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Size: 1m x 1m panels
Colour: Black
Weight: 1.87 kg/m²
Strength: 146 kg/cm²

Applications include:

  • Overflow parking
  • Firelanes
  • Driveways
  • Employee Parking
  • On-street Parking
  • Pedestrian Access
  • Emergency Access
  • Infiltration Basins
  • Event Parking
  • Utility Access
  • Handicap Parking

Benefits include:

  • Pervious Load Bearing Surface
  • Stormwater Pollution Filtration and Treatment
  • Airborne Dust Capture and Retention
  • Heat Energy Reflection Reduction, "cool" surface
  • Tree Growth within Parking Areas

How it works

Grasspave2 is a structure which provides incredible load bearing strength while protecting vegetation root systems from deadly compaction.

High void spaces within the entire cross-section enable excellent root development, and storage capacity for rainfall from storm events. Storm water is slowed in movement through and across Grasspave2 surfaces, which deposits suspended sediment and increases time to discharge from site.

Suspended pollutants and moderate amounts of engine oils are consumed by active soul bacteria, which are aided by the system's excellent oxygen exchange capacity.

Grasspave2 product view


Hydrogro is a fertilizer and polymer combination that is spread out on the base course at a rate of one pound per hundred square feet before the Grasspave2 is rolled into place. When Hydrogro comes into contact with water it expands to look like jelly, holding a great deal of water and nutrients for the maturing grass roots until they can grow down into the subbase. This reservoir effect is necessary because sand is the growing medium and while it allows water to quickly drain from the surface it also deprives the grass of the substantial moisture it needs to germinate.

Dry Hydrogro2 expands and softens into gelatin sponges of water and nutrients, absorbing 150 to 300 times their weight. Plants roots will penetrate the expanded crystals and remove the moisture and nutrients as needed, responding with rapid growth and more healthy vegetation. The Humate component provides humus, fertilizer, micronutrients, and starter bacteria for an ideal growth environment for soil bacteria and enzymes to convert NPK fertilizer elements into food for plants.

Hydrogro polymer is a synthetic crystal (polyacrylamide) soil additive which absorbs water and dissolved nutrients. Crystals are non-toxic, pH neutral , and very slow to biodegrade. Hydrogrow is anionic, and is not affected by minerals and salts in soils or water. Our crystals are "fine" in size, and supplied alone, or mixed with Humate for added benefits.

Hydrogro benefits include:

  • With Grasspave2, balance of water demand with regular turf areas adjacent to Grasspave2 paved areas.
  • Less frequent irrigation, saving water, labour, and operation costs of irrigation equipment.
  • Reduced transplanting shock and healthy soil chemistry.
  • More moisture retained in sandy soils.
  • Greater porosity for heavy clay soils.
  • Quick establishment of new plants.
  • Greater utilization of fertilizer applications.
Grasspave2 application
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