Erosion control system
Slopetame2 soil erosion control mat

Slopetame2 soil erosion control system.

Slopetame2 is a unique solution to an age-old problem - soil erosion.

Slopetame2 is a permanent three-dimensional stabilization matrix, which provides both initial surface protection, enabling vegetation to firmly establish and be maintained long.

The difficulty with most erosion control products is their inability to keep soils in place until the vegetation's root systems are mature. In this time areas are vulnerable to 'undercutting' by rapid flow storm water. Slopetame2 offers immediate protection. Trees and shrubs can easily be incorporated by removing sections of the matrix.

Unlike conventional products the Slopetame2 structure has a geotextile fabric heat bonded to it in the molding process, eliminating the problem of fabric movement after installation overcoming a common and costly problem.

Strong diagonal grid design distributes loads across steep slopes. Available in positive interlocking meter square panels for extremely fast and easy installation.

Slopetame2 is an instant one step permanent solution to problem erosion areas.

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Size: 1m x 1m panels
Colour: Black
Weight: 2.15 kg/m2 with open weave polypropylene netting
Strength: 400 kg/cm2 when filled with sand

Applications include:

  • Steep slope erosion control
  • Channel energy dissipation
  • Immediate slope protection (with pre-vegetation)
  • Channel bank stabilization
  • Infiltration trenches
  • Vegetated swales and strips

Benefits include:

  • True 3-dimensional Containment
  • Small-Scale Confinement
  • Shallow depth to Reduce Costs
  • Strong Diagonal Grid
  • Interlocked Continuous Structure
  • Geotextile fabric for Additional Support
  • Lightweight
  • UV-resistant
  • High durability and Resistance

How it works

Slopetame2 is a three-dimensional erosion control blanket which covers steep slopes of weak and/or eroding soils by easily unrolling lightweight large rolls downhill.

The 100% recycled plastic rings and grid are moulded onto an open weave fabric which also serves to cover soils and provide a support structure for vegetation.

Trees and shrubs can be easily planted in cutout sections by clipping the grid with pruning shears and then digging holes. Fill the blankets with soil and hydroseed or plant ground covers on the slope for a quick finished appearance that is structurally sound.

Rolls are easily secured at the top of the slope by anchoring reinforcing bar between the rings. Custom roll sizes are available and washers are included to fasten pegs and holes together with adjoining rolls.

Slopetame2 product view
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