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Storm Water Catchment

Draincore2 will achieve large area subsurface drainage efficiently by gravity movement of water to a collection point. The 2.5 cm depth of ring moves large volumes of water quickly and easily over an impervious membrane.

Draincore2 is a high volume drainage layer capable of withstanding heavy loads in direct contact. This drainage core is wrapped in a geotextile fabric which allows water to enter from any direction, with the rings placed vertically or horizontally. Water can flow between rings in both vertical and lateral directions simultaneously. Flow volumes can be matched with multiple layer configurations.


  • Infiltration basin collector and conveyance
  • Cutoff drain for surface and subsurface flow
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Foundation and retaining wall drainage
  • Roof deck and planter drainage
  • Sports turf drainage systems
  • Landfill cap and/or drainage construction
Draincore2 storm water catchment
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