"...saving water need not cost the earth"

Water Storage Solutions

Rainstore3 and Rainstore3 Advantage are Invisible Structures' innovative water storage solutions. They are unique in that they are not a pipe or arched chamber; instead, a free-form structure encased in a plastic liner that is constructed under ground.

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Rainstore3 Advantage Rainstore3

Water Catchment Solutions

Water catchment solutions now play a major part in any small, medium or large scale project. Invisible Structures offers water catchment solutions that can shave time and cost from your project.

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Erosion Control

Erosion control is a major problem across many industries and under many applications. Slopetame2 is a permanent, reinforced, invisible matrix to control erosion on steep vegetated slopes and river banks.

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Porous Paving

Invisible Structures porous paving products are an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete or bitumen.

They are suitable for use as vehicle parking, driveways, trails, high-traffic pathways and more.

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Gravelpave2 Grasspave2