Underground water storage
Rainstore3 rain water storage

Rainstore3 underground water storage system.

Rainstore3 is a world patented, multi-award winning stormwater management system, providing efficient and cost effective water storage on any scale.

94% void support matrix comprising of 1m2 x 100mm high modules purpose designed and manufactured entirely from high-grade recycled polypropylene. Light weight modules interlock vertically creating m2 footprint cells which are stacked to design height side by side to plan, each with a load bearing capacity able to carry any road legal vehicle.

Assembled cells are enveloped in a sealed, heavy-duty polypropylene liner and buried. Inlet/outlet, filtration/pumps/access shafts are easily incorporated.

As little as 300mm of compacted structural top backfill is then covered with a surface of choice – concrete or bitumen driveways, truck parking, playing fields or even under the garage slab! The system is immediately trafficable.

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Size: 1m x 1m x 0.1m to 2.5m high modules
Colour: Black
Weight: 64kgs/cu meter
Strength: H-25 loading

Why Rainstore3

  • Rainstore3 maximises potential site water storage while maximising surface use and aesthetics, and has a life expectancy of at least 70 years.
  • Installation can be achieved in hours rather than weeks with the surface immediately trafficable – a bonus to construction schedules.
  • Exceptional design flexibility, very high excavation to storage ratio, on-site handling ease and rapid installation ensures huge cost benefits.
  • Rainstore3 systems can be virtually any shape from under a cubic metre to megalitres and can be customised to meet difficult site criteria including slopes.
  • Manufactured in Australia by Invisible Structures Pty Ltd from totally recycled, inert polypropylene to ISO 9002 and covered by a three year warranty.
Rainstore3 diagram

Applications include:

  • Subsurface water storage - detention, retention
  • Water reuse and recycling
  • Process water storage - heating and cooling
  • Combined water conveyance and storage
  • Energy dissipation at pipe outfall
  • Septic leech fields and wetlands treatment
  • Dry wells, wet vaults and cisterns

Benefits include:

  • Heavy load capacity above chamber
  • Simple and low cost materials
  • Maximum excavation to storage efficiency
  • Rapid installation
  • Modular - for design flexibility
  • Large surface area for rapid storage exfiltration

How it works

Rainstore3 is not pipe or arched chamber, but a structure with strength throughout its shape. The unique design places the plastic entirely in compression rather than bending or tension resulting in H-20 loading, and high void storage volume of 94%! Minimum cover is only 0.3 meter.

The structure can be as shallow as 0.1 meter or as deep as 3.0 meters, length and width in 1m increments. Rainstore3 eliminates site restrictions by conforming to custom project requirements. RS3 does not require any stone backfill between structures. Calculating the void (storage) volume is as simple as dividing storage demand by 94%. This means significant savings in amount of excavation, soil transport, imported stone, installation time, and labour.

Rainstore3 can be utilized for long-term water storage for irrigation, fire protection, and potable applications by encasing the structures in an impervious liner. Porous lining materials around RS3 offer 100% surface area coverage for water infiltration/exfiltration.

Rainstore3 water storage unit
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