"...saving water need not cost the earth"

Innovative underground water storage

Rainstore3 is Invisible Structures' innovative water solution. It's unique in that it is not a pipe or arched chamber, instead it is a free-form structure encased in a plastic liner that is constructed under ground.

The structure can be as shallow as 0.1m and as deep as 3.0m, with any length and width in 1m increments, far more flexible than precast tanks. Rainstore3 eliminates site restrictions by conforming to custom project requirements.

Applications include:

  • Subsurface water storage - detention, retention
  • Water reuse and recycling
  • Potable (treated) water storage
  • Process water storage - heating and cooling
  • Combined water conveyance and storage
  • Energy dissipation at pipe outfall
  • Septic leech fields and wetlands treatment
  • Dry wells, wet vaults and cisterns
Rainstore3 Advantage