"...saving water need not cost the earth"

Low cost, fast installation

That's the Rainstore3 Advantage

Rainstore3 Advantage is engineered specifically for multi-megalitre storage systems. Our simple, rapid installation ensures a cost effective outcome.

The integrity of the heavy duty enveloping membrane is also verified in writing.

Inspection ports and optional intrinsic flushing devices are easily incorporated. Safe, secure, vandal proof water storage is possible nearly anywhere e.g. beneath roadways, industrial hard stand, car parks, parklands, landscaping and sporting fields - even within purpose built spectator mounds!

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Applications & Benefits

Rainstore3 Advantage is a cost effective, functional and environmentally attractive option for the following applications:

  • Under public car parks
  • Under industrial hard pave
  • Under landscaping
  • Irrigation
  • Recreation areas
  • Fire protection
  • Parks and gardens
  • Industrial hose down

Rainstore3 Advantage

How it works

Similar to our standard Rainstore3 product, although engineered specifically for multi megalitre systems, Rainstore3 Advantage is designed to achieve major cost savings for very large projects with unlimited volume capacity.

Rainstore3 Advantage is a unique combination of Rainstore3 modules and internal vertical columns providing a simple construction designed to maximise excavation to storage ratio, maximise storage volume (98% void) and maximise cost effectiveness.

Depths of up to 2.8m in 100mm increments can be achieved with any footprint in one or half metre increments.

Unlimited volume water storage