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Completed Installations

Please view a small selection of projects and installations completed since 1994.

Our products are all made from 100%, totally inert, post industrial, automobile standard polypropylene. We manufacture to ISO 9002 and QS 9000 in Melbourne, Australia.

Cararra Development Project, Queensland

600Kl underground tank installation.

Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade Training Centre

800Kl underground water storage tank.

Mirvac Yarra's Edge Docklands Melbourne total volume 178m3

Five interconnected tanks providing 168,000 litres of stormwater storage.

VicUrban Valley Lake Niddrie volume 252m3

A 250,000Kl system to provide storage for irrigation of surrounding park lands.

SITA Environmental Wingfield South Australia volume 528m3

500 kilolitres of storage to store roof run off for re-use in toilet flushing, vehicle wash-down and irrigation.

Wayville Show Grounds Adelaide volume 1890m3

This 1.7 megalitre system took just eight days to install and is the first of two tanks that will provide a total of 3.5 megalitres of storage for use as irrigation (since completed).

Amberley Air Base Ipswich Queensland volume 200m3

To harvest storm water run off from adjacent buildings for irrigation of sports fields. This 188 kilolitre system took only three days to install and is beneath a car park.

Mildura Police Station volume 80m3

An innovative drainage system beneath car parking areas to filter stormwater through Gravelpave2 (hard stand porous pavement also manufactured by Invisible Structures Pty Ltd) then channeled into a series of shallow soakage pits. Rainstore3 provided safe load bearing capacity beneath the car parking areas.

Terang Hospital Victoria volume 110m3

On site water storage was required for fire fighting emergencies. The Rainstore3 system was installed beneath a car parking area.

Queen Victoria Market Melbourne volume 666m3

For the Melbourne City Council, this installation was designed for toilet flushing and market wash down was installed beneath adjacent roadway.

St Kilda Bowls Club Melbourne volume 65m3

Installed under the member's car park to provide irrigation for bowling greens, this system took only one day to install process ensured minimal disruption to club activities.

Norlane Bowls Club Geelong volume 110m3

For Geelong City Council, to provide detention capacity for a 1/100 year storm event.

Marcus Oldham College Highton volume 32.4m3

The first of two systems designed to provide general grounds irrigation.

Gateway Plaza Leopold Victoria volume 823m3

For Lascorp Development Group, this two level installation is a combined retention tank and surge control system installed beneath the supermarket car park.

Visy Board Pty Ltd - Ipswich Queensland - volume 330m3

Designed for both detention and retention for on-site reuse, this installation took just two days to install ready for backfill and final surface finish.

De Nova Group for Nursing Home volume 78m3

To meet Council's stormwater management regulations for Cowes Nursing Home.

Monash University Caulfield Campus volume 186m3

Storm water harvesting from adjacent buildings for recycling as irrigation.

Point Park Mirvac at Docklands volume 362m3

An unusual variation. Because the site is at sea level, a storage system could only be installed above ground but the landscaping designers required the tank be out of sight. The problem was solved by creating an artificial landscaped mound of earth within which was installed a Rainstore3 system to store 341,000 litres.

Four workers with one small excavator took just six hours to install the 362m3 ready for enveloping and back filling.

Docklands Precinct VicUrban - total volume 704m3

Three installations are expected to harvest 10 million litres of water annually. Two were installed for storage and one to manage storm surge.

This project won an SIAV award.

Moreland City Council Pentridge Redevelopment total volume 286m3

Rainstore3 offered a cost-effective solution to several sensitive issues. Council was concerned about ongoing maintenance costs and public liability issues of the Sedimentation Pond originally specified by Melbourne Water. Melbourne Water was concerned about run-off into the adjacent very sensitive (environmentally and politically) Merri Creek. By accepting our alternative solution, the developer, Pentridge Village Pty Ltd gained three additional building blocks, plus unencumbered additional recreation area and the marketing benefit of an innovative on-site stormwater treatment system.

Pentridge Village Pty Ltd calculated they achieved a net gain of over $465,000.00!

Plus, Melbourne Water achieved a greatly reduced environmental impact on the Merri Creek (than would have been achieved by the Sed Pond) in terms of suspended solids and nutrient release from the development. This was achieved by combining Rainstore3 with world-class, filtration systems (developed and produced in Melbourne by CDS Technologies Pty Ltd) and then utilising the filtered stored water for irrigation of surrounding parklands.

This installation won a Victorian Stormwater Industry Association innovation award for "Constructed WSUD in an established area".